EP12 - Francesco Kirchhoff

EP12 - Francesco Kirchhoff


Francesco Kirchhoff is a Berlin-based standup comedian. Available for parties, funerals, and orgies.


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Shilpa Children’s Trust was founded in 1987, at the height of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. Girls who lost their family and their homes in the conflict were given a chance to rebuild their life in a safe and loving environment, with access to a good education and skills training.
The 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami disaster led to the expansion of Shilpa’s services, establishing rehabilitation programmes in Hambantota and Kalutara,and helping approximately 300 affected children, their caregivers and also thousands of people in the community.
We take pride in having bettered the lives of many girls, some of whom are now trained and employed in various industries such as travel, advertising, accountancy, graphics, nursing, and teaching. It goes without saying that these efforts would not have been possible without the many donors who have helped our girls through their donations and volunteer work, for which we are truly grateful. We look forward to maintaining our high standards and further developing the activities of the Trust and services provided by Shilpa.

- Shilpa Children's Trust "about" page

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